Everybody Eats QR code Coupe Dinner Plate 26.5cm


SKU: PEA26.5

Introducing our newest and most innovative plate, from our friends at Everybody Eats: a charity fighting food waste, food poverty and social isolation here in Aotearoa. These aren't just your standard porcelain coupe plates; they allow guests to donate to an award winning cause upon finishing their meal, by simply scanning the QR code that was hiding under their meal! That's right, when people are full, we're going to ask them to think about people that are hungry.

It's time to do something about food poverty in NZ and we're proud to offer event hosts and their guests a simple way to make a difference.

What does Everybody Eats do?

They rescue perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste and turn it into 3-course meals that they serve at their pay-as-you-feel (koha) restaurants. They prevent tonnes of food going to landfill, while bringing people together from all walks of life. Everybody Eats meals can be free, if needed. For more information visit www.everybodyeats.nz